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PCU | Fundamentals

by Jason Schiffner February 06, 2017 0 Comments

PCU was invented to help users facing extreme condition ( range from -40° to 40° F ). Basic thought of PCU is Moisture Management. In extreme condition, temperature can be change rapidly from cold to warm/hot. This is the big advantage of using PCU system. PCU System LEVEL can be combined in different temperature and activity. Instead of using all of the level, combination can be use in certain condition.

Before using PCU in mission or outdoor adventure, experiment with PCU is required based on STATIC / ACTIVE mission and WEATHER CONDITION of your destination.

Instead of keep you dry, PCU let you get wet and quickly dry. This is the PCU Moisture Management system that PCU has. PCU maintain body temperature in comfort level. With Static and Active activity needs different combination of level to maintain moisture out and keep body warm and comfort.


In Active Mission, body produce heat and moisture. The combination is intended to absorb moisture and take it out. And maintain the user body temperature from overheating.


In Static Mission, level combination is more intended to trap and keep body heat inside, and protect from extreme condition with still let moisture out.



Weather Condition can be vary on every destination. Hipotermia and Frosbite caused by rapidly climate change. Experiment using PCU level can avoid the problem, and keep body in comfort level. Below is 4 basic weather condition.


-40°F - 0°F

This condition usually cold but with sunny weather can cause body heat drops quickly. Depending from Active / Static activity. Level combination aim to keep protection of wind / cold, and keep moisture out.



Wind and humidity can affect body temperature. Protection against wind and cold insulation is required to make body warm, but still let moisture out.


32°F - 45°F

Heavy Rain or Snow Rain can affect humidity. Cold situation can affect moisture drops body temperature quickly. Keep body warm and moisture out is required in this situation.



Humid condition can affect body to produce moisture. Level combination chosen to keep body at comfort level and transfer moisture away from perspiration system of PCU.

Jason Schiffner
Jason Schiffner

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